Spring break 2004 - Canyonlands NP

The 5 of us, David (me), Jay, Dani, Andy, and Eric.

The next 6 pictures are in Horse Canyon. We hiked in a mile or two the first night, hiked to the end of the canyon the next day, and then back out the day after that. The original plan was to hike to the end of the canyon and get up out of the canyon, but we couldn't find a safe way out. If we had had another day to look, we probably could have gotten up and out.

After we hiked back to the cars, we found some open space just outside of the park to camp for a couple of nights. We went back into the park and did some day hiking. We were able to get a permit for the rest of the nights starting Wednesday night.

I should sell this picture to Jeep.

Hiking down to the Colorado river on Wednesday.

Part of the joint trail. The trail is between the rocks like this for about a mile or so I would guess.

Eric Boxer, climber at heart.

The rest of these pictures were taken by either Jay or Andy. They both had old-school (but good....) 35mm cameras.