Various pictures taken with 35mm slide film and scanned with a Nikon film scanner. The film scanner is not very good, i'll be testing out another scanner on the next set of slides that I scan.

The next 3 pictures were taken from somewhere on Flagstaff Rd, just trying out some night shots.

Near Crested Butte

The next 3 are on the connundrum hotsprings trail just outside of Aspen.

Flower, in Austin.

A few pictures from a small backpacking trip, starting at the Moffat trail tunnel entrance (the tunnel is several miles long and goes underneath the coninental divide.)

Taken in Golden, pointing north.

I'll have some 8x12 prints made of some of these, and am willing to sell them if anyone is interested.

Pictures Copyrighted 2004, David Sietsema, All rights reserved.
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