Taken on Afga Optima 100 print film. These scans were done by the photolab, instead of giving me prints. I'm going to have a couple of them enlarged from the negatives to see how well this film really does. I think the scanner that was used here just sucks.

A late November trip to the Connundrum hotsprings, near Aspen. This is about the last time of the year that this trip can safely be done due to avalanche danger in the valley. It snowed quite a bit while we were there.

A church on the north of UT campus. One of these days i'll get the name of it. exp#35, 27, 33

This one is quite fantabulous. The light in the middle of the cross is the moon.

I'll have some 8x12 prints made of some of these, and am willing to sell them if anyone is interested.

Pictures Copyrighted 2004, David Sietsema, All rights reserved.