So i've lived in Colorado for 3 years, and, until now, i've never done a 14er.
By all means, that is no indication of my activity level. I do something active
nearly every weekend and have gone on more than one week-long backpacking trip.
After some reasearch on the lovely In-Ter-Net, I found that there are 14ers that
are possible to bike. I chose Mt. Bross (i'm saving Lincoln for another day).
There are some old mining roads that go all the way to the top of Mt. Bross, and
right on over to Mt. Lincoln. I parked at 11.2k feet, which, in this area, was about
100 feet below treeline. The next four hours involved more huffing and puffing than
actual bike riding. Expectedly, the hikers at the top thought I was crazy, but made
good conversation. The ride down took 30 minutes, and was slow going due to the
large quantities of gravel that make it easy to wipe out on this route.

"Wow, the top looks SO close! (about 30 minutes into the ride up).

Looking back down. Alma, CO is the small town you can see.

3000 feet of elevation gain later......

Pictures Copyrighted 2004, David Sietsema, All rights reserved.