Fall break backpacking trip - September 28 - October 1, 2006

We drove into the night after everyone got out of class on Thursday to Marble, Colorado. We found a place on the side of a
dirt road to camp, not really having any idea what the landscape was going to look like. This is what I could see
when peeking out of the tent in the morning. Can't complain when that is the first thing you see when you open your eyes.

A quick hour or two of hiking later....(en route to Anthracite Pass)

On the other side of Anthracite Pass.

View out the tent, day 2. Looking towards Kebler Pass Road (right below the mountains in the distance).

View from the campsite, day 3.

Half a mile from the car that we shuttled to Horse Ranch Park (off of Kebler Pass Rd).
From left to right: Eric, Will, Pat, Alyssa, Tyler, Me (David)

It took me a couple of evenings with Photoshop to figure out how to make the colors come out on a web browser
nicely. Below are two pictures where you can clearly see the difference. Note: If you open any of these pictures
in Photoshop, assign the Color LCD profile to it, otherwise the colors will be all messed up.

Pictures Copyrighted 2006, David Sietsema, All rights reserved.