I've never seen such massive amounts of pot-smoke.  I don't know the significance, but the numbers 4 and 20 mean something to pot smokers, and today is 4/20/2003 around 4:20 in the afternoon, so everyone decided to go out and smoke pot on farrand field.  I thought it was funny, so I went and took some pictures, and headed back to my room after inhaling too much second hand some for my liking.


To start off with, here is a picture of the flag, which I did not notice while out there.  Daniel sent me This picture of it that he took (thanks!).

Also, look here.  Notice most of the food for dinner on Sunday is 'baked'.  I've never heard of 'peach pot pie' either.  I think they just wanted to say pot.


Clouds of smoke.......

Why do people like this exist?

Three cops were there, they made the people playing the music turn it off, notice the camera one of the cops has, its kind of hard to see.  They seemed to think it was funny.

Yes, that is a lot of smoke.