October 5, 2003

Here are a few pictures that needed uploading. I went hiking with Jessi, Daniel, and Daniel's mom. It was a great hike with some nice scenery, but I managed to only take a few dismal pictures. I just was not in the picture taking mood I guess, I was really just there to enjoy the outdoors and soak up the pretty view. I am usually in more of a picture taking mood when I go somewhere new and exciting that I likely will not go back to. Here you go:

This is a random picture that was taken of my just before I went to a cocktail party quite some time back, it just now made it off of my camera.

These little fuzzy cute squirl thingies are rather tame. People obviously feed them all the time, and this guy thought he was going to get some food. I managed to get a picture as he was jumping off of my backpack. He came right up to my hand and stuck his little paws on my finger while I was taking the picture.

Me, Daniel, Jessi, Daniel's mom.