October 5th, 2002

Another car meet, this time it was large, with at least 30 cars I would say, although I did not count.  There were some interesting cars there, but not all of the pictures came out.  Below are some of the good ones.

A nice yellow M3.  Beautiful car.

Two M3's, both very nice.

A picture of a hummer, just for you Montana.

Some nice Audi's representing.

HIDs on a Volo!  A Volo that will kick YOUR ass.  Quality stuff there.

Pimpin' in the Mini.  Sweet car.

Two Mini's!  How cute.

Mountains are nice, I thought I would add the scenery in for those of you not in the area.

Looks like we are in Europe!  This is another one of my favorites.

I just love that black shine.  You can see the crazy beetle in the background too.