I went on a road trip to Pikes Peak, which is over 14,000 feet high, and you can drive all the way to the top.  Near the top, the road is treacherous!  It was a dirt road, with NO guard rail, and easily 1000 foot drops if you were to even just barely slip off the road.  To top that off, the road was small enough that I just flat out stopped when another car was passing in the other direction in fear of running off the road!  It was worth it though, because the view was just incredible.  The pictures are below.

A lovely view of the mountain on the drive down.

Another nice view.

Colorado Springs is down there somewhere.

The trees are nice.

Some nice old guy had me take his picture, so I thought I would have him take mine.  Thanks, old guy!  (Brrrr, it was cold up there)

You can see the road below, that is one of the non treacherous parts.

Colorado Springs again, I think, or maybe the southern suburbs of it at least.