So I took some pictures of christmas lights in Central Texas.  Some of the pictures were not as good as I would have liked them to be, but they still look good with the christmas lights.


This place is a courthouse in Johnson City, about a 45 minute drive west of Austin.

There is am standing next to my car in the picture!  I didn't notice this at the time, but there was a nice sunset as I took the picture, and it came out great.

You can see my friend Montana (yes, that is her name, don't ask me that) below, she came with me to take pictures.

Some house on the street next to the courthouse.

Some more lights nearby.....

The next two pictures are of the PEC (Pedernales Electric Coop.) headquarters in Johnson city.  The place was incredible.  I was not able to get any pictures that really
looked good, but these give you an idea of the number of lights.  You could feel the heat from the lights if you walk around under the trees.  This is something that you have
to go see in person if you are in Texas at christmas time. 

PEC is the power company.....which is a good thing, otherwise their power bill would probably have 5 digits.


The next stop was the trail of lights at Zilcher Park in Austin, TX.  I did not birng my tripod with me, so the pictures did not come out very well.  I made them smaller because of this.

Here is the entrance.

These are my friends Montana, and Nick.



Well there you go!  I will do this again next year, and should have a prety good collection by then.


- David Sietsema